Is your club’s reserve funding on target? One of the major problems facing clubs is that of reserve funding. Many clubs have found that the “do-it-yourself” approach has left them underfunded for repair or replacement of components of their club. Obtaining a professional, third party reserve study performed by reserve specialists is the solution to that problem. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division reserve studies are performed by well-qualified reserve specialists who are equipped to prepare a reserve study based on each club’s specific needs.


A reserve study is a budgetary planning tool that identifies a property’s necessary major repairs and/or replacements and establishes a funding plan to ensure that adequate monies are available for planned expenditures. A reserve study has two primary analyses: the physical analysis and the financial analysis. The physical analysis consists of a component study that identifies the major replacement or repair of components of a property, their estimated costs and their estimated useful and remaining lives. The financial analysis is a funding study that incorporates information from the component study into a budget plan to fund the anticipated future expenditures.


The sole function of this division is to provide accurate insurance appraisals, personal property appraisals and reserve studies. Our appraisal division consists only of tenured people with no less than 10 years’ experience in the construction and content valuation business. Our reserve studies are produced by our Reserve Specialists personnel, who have proved their expertise through formal education programs and substantial reserve study field experience. For more information regarding each of these products, please click on the appropriate button above.


Dining RoomThe Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division reserve specialist compiles detailed data about each club through an on-site inspection, field measurements, and examination of building construction plans provided by the club. Appropriate and accurate component sizes and counts are derived from these data sources. Without accurate factual data, the accuracy of the analysis will be compromised. Repair/Replacement cost information is taken from a variety of sources, including national and regional cost estimating indexes, interviews with developers, builders, consultants, and contractors, as well as actual costs from similar clubs within multiple market areas. Furthermore, a club’s actual historical reserve expenditures are carefully considered in every Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division reserve study.


Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division utilizes a nationally recognized reserve study software program in completion of all reserve studies. This software is the best in the industry, and provides each club with a reserve study report that is compliant with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Audit and Accounting Guide for Common Interest Realty Associations and IRS tax guidelines. The club receives a reserve study which provides in-depth breakdowns of each and every component’s cost, total and remaining useful lives, as well as a year by year schedule for all planned reserve expenditures. Also provided is an annual summary of beginning reserve fund balances, ending reserve fund balances, planned expenditures, cumulative interest income, and graphical information.

Reserve Studies
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