Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has performed insurance appraisals throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, and has performed appraisals on hundreds of clubs. Prudent club managers and board members must ensure they have a dependable and accurate replacement cost for their structures and amenities in order to determine correct insurance coverage. Obtaining an independent third party professional appraisal accomplishes this.


An insurance appraisal is a replacement cost analysis which provides an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance required to replace each structure and/or amenity exactly as it stands on the day the report was prepared. These values are provided to assist the club in determining the amount of insurance needed for each structure and/or amenity for which the club insures. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division appraisers calculate each building’s replacement cost on a component-by-component basis from the ground up.


LobbyThe estimated replacement cost values reported in our valuations are derived through a number of methods. The primary method utilized for estimating the replacement cost in our Insurance Appraisals is provided through a software system called Timberline by the Sage Corporation. This estimation software is used by a large number of construction, engineering and architectural companies. The database with Timberline for estimating the replacement cost is RS Means. RS Means is an established and reputable construction data collection company which has been a prominent provider since 1940. The labor wage rates and material cost used are localized to the club’s location, and pricing is based by zip codes which ensures greater accuracy. Additionally, the database allows custom cost inputs from the marketplace furthering its accuracy. All of the replacement costs contained in our analysis include the contractor’s overhead and profit, all labor, taxes and insurance costs as well as general building conditions. In addition to this cost data, our appraisers have formed relationships in the marketplace with general contractors and architectural and engineering firms which are utilized in support of the cost data found in the Timberline software as needed.


Most club managers and board members believe that obtaining an insurance appraisal for their club is one of the best decisions they have ever made. The reasons for this are simple:

Insurance Appraisals
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