GAB Robins has performed insurance appraisals, personal property appraisals and reserve studies for literally hundreds of country, city and yacht clubs as well as golf facilities throughout the United States. Because of our vast experience and the quality of our reports, CMAA has recognized GAB Robins’ position and expertise and has chosen us to be a preferred provider for insurance appraisals, personal property appraisals and reserve studies for their member clubs. As a preferred provider for CMAA, GAB Robins is working with CMAA in the Club DNA Program. Utilizing the Club DNA software, general managers, CEOs, COOs and club officers will have immediate access to the most vital information pertaining to the club. A full description of this program is found in the CMAA Club Solutions Insurance Program section.


GAB Robins has been successfully providing insurance expertise to properties since it was founded more than a century ago. GAB Robins’ approach to servicing our clients is to understand and address the needs of each individual client. This approach has allowed us to win acceptance with our clients and ensures they receive consistent and quality service that meets or exceeds their expectations. GAB Robins has a proven history of stability, financial strength and respect in the marketplace. We will be there when you need us. GAB Robins is a subsidiary of Cunningham Lindsey, which is an international company with tenure in the marketplace. Cunningham Lindsey is one of the largest loss adjusting and claim management companies in the world and offers a unique blend of stability, innovation and technical ability across a variety of disciplines. We have the resources to provide appraisals and/or reserve studies for clubs of any size throughout the United States and Canada.


The sole function of this division is to provide accurate insurance appraisals, personal property appraisals and reserve studies. Our appraisal division consists only of tenured people with no less than 10 years of experience in the construction and content valuation business. Our reserve studies are produced by our Reserve Specialists personnel who have proven their expertise through formal education programs and substantial reserve study field experience. For more information regarding each of these products, please click on the appropriate button above.