CMAA has a tradition of offering club management products, programs and solutions that make your job easier so you can focus on what really matters- your members. Recognizing the need of clubs for more comprehensive programs to assist at all levels of club management, CMAA has developed CMAA Club Solutions. Through this innovative program, CMAA is offering a comprehensive insurance program and Club DNA. By leveraging the size of CMAA membership, we are able to offer broad coverage, unique risk management tools and services and deliver a stronger product at a lower cost to you. All CMAA member-managed clubs are eligible to participate.


The Club DNA program offers one-stop shopping for all the club’s insurance needs. This comprehensive program offers an all-lines insurance solution for country, athletic, city, faculty, military, town and yacht clubs. The Club Solutions Insurance Program is administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC. To assist the club in insuring to the correct replacement cost values, Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has been selected as a preferred provider for insurance appraisals.


One of the main challenges facing club personnel is locating and sharing data in an efficient and timely manner. CMAA, working in conjunction with Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division and ProPlan, Inc., is now offering CLUB DNA, an innovative program that allows for easy storage and accessiblity of all pertinent club data. Never again will club personnel have to search to find key information as CLUB DNA stores the data in a multilayered, encrypted, password protected on-line program which allows instant access to designated club personnel directly from their computer. CLUB DNA is utilized to support many different applications, including club management, risk management, property operations, disaster planning, document archiving, etc. Everything from club charters, construction plans, maintenance schedules, etc, as well as Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division's insurance appraisals, personal property appraisals, and reserve studies can be immediately accessed. Additionally, emergency information, such as location maps, chemicals stored on property, etc., is readily available to emergency personnel in order to provide for safer and prompter response in case of an emergency situation at the club. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division will be working with CMAA and ProPlan, Inc. in data acquisition for the necessary components.

Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division INSURANCE APPRAISALS

Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has been serving our clients for over 125 years by providing high quality insurance related services. The insurance appraisal division has produced insurance appraisals for literally thousands of properties in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division insurance appraisals are accepted by every insurance carrier in the world. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has maintained its high standard of excellence based on its three tiered approach to service. The first tier is the quality of appraisers. Each of our insurance appraisers as a minimum of ten uears experience in construction cost analysis, and is experienced in performing appraisals for all types of properties. Each appraiser has vast experience in construction cost valuation for all types and sizes of clubs.

The second tier is the quality of the inspection at the property. In order to preoduce an accurate report, a thorough inspection must be performed. Our appraisers arte trainied in the art of meeting with clients at the property and obtaining all data necessary to provide a complete and accurate report. This inspection includes a one-on-one meeting to discuss the scope of the work, the structures and amenities included, and gathering all data needed (construction plans, financials, etc.) A thorough inspection is made of each structure and amenity as to construction type, etc. and a complete photographic diary is made of each appraised item. Construction plans are taken back to the appraiser/reserve study specialist’s office to be digitized in order to obtain accurate square footage. If no plans are available, the structure is manually measured to obtain the accurate square footage.

The third tier is the quality of the software utilized in the production of the final report. Unlike some firms which use programs based on a model approach, Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division utilizes Timberline, by Sage, which is one of the most accurate programs available on the market. This program allows the appraiser to build the structure on a component-by-component basis from the ground up, providing an accurate replacement cost value for the structure. Our construction cost data is updated quarterly to ensure that accurate labor and cost data are utilized for each specific location.